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(1) Copying files from a site on the Internet to the user's account in an online storage service, rather than downloading them to the user's computer.

(2) To install an application on a mobile device from an online marketplace that is not sanctioned by the device maker.

(3) Copying files from a computer to an SD card that is then inserted into a mobile device.

(4) Transferring data to a computer first and then from the computer to the mobile device.

(5) Copying an app from a computer to a mobile device rather than downloading it from the online store.
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The homes range in size from 2,400 to 3,400 square feet with three to five bedrooms, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 baths, full basements and two- or three-car sideload garages, and the homes can be customized to meet buyer preferences.
In extremis, you may be able to sideload Google Play and run real Android apps on a Fire tablet, but this isn't supported by either Google or Amazon.
That has apparently led users to look for alternative apps to sideload manually on their streaming boxes.
It also neglected to offer a readily available Prime Video app for Android up until just a few months ago (previously, you had to go out of your way to sideload the entire notification-spam-spewing Amazon storefront app just to play a lousy movie).
After a crabbed touchdown, the airplane immediately turns to point in the direction it is traveling, so you feel the sideload on touchdown.
On the other hand, if you'll be implementing a subscription model, or the ability to download and play the content offline, or download it on your computer and then sideload it to another device, you could have issues.
As a consequence, the one app that he can't live without is MLB At Bat, although since MLB stopped supporting BlackBerry devices for the 2015 season, Miliband might have to learn how to sideload pretty quick.
It also used a search engine called Sideload, which allowed users to search the internet for free--but not necessarily legal--downloads and store them in their lockers.
Similarly, a widening of the bearing supporting the output shaft has increased sideload capability by 47%.
According to the company, this new v1.5 NOOK app for Windows 8 has a new user interface, faster performance and the most requested features including highlighting, annotations, dictionary lookup, find in books, improved shop and search functionality and the ability to sideload ePub and PDF files from their local drives.
The T-shaped mounting plate was equipped with three Sachtler Sideload plates that enabled optimal positioning of the camera's centre of gravity and kept the complete unit as compact as possible.