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Pneumoconiosis due to prolonged inhalation of dust containing iron salt. Also known as arc-welder's disease.
The presence or concentration of stainable iron pigment in a tissue or organ.



in man, pneumoconiosis caused by the deposition of dust particles containing iron in the lungs.

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Cerebral microbleeds and cortical superficial siderosis in patients presenting with minor cerebrovascular events.
Rhys Holmes was diagnosed with superfical siderosis, a very rare condition of the central nervous system resulting from chronic iron deposition
In patients with hemochromatosis and diabetes who are presumed or known to have pancreatic siderosis, phlebotomy therapy is likely to improve insulin secretion only when hemochromatosis diagnosis and iron depletion are early [15, 153, 154].
Gastric glands and giant cells displayed siderosis ((c) Prussian Blue, x10).
Besides collateral damage the eye with IOFB have increased risk of infection and may suffer from specific reaction due to chemical nature of IOFB like siderosis and chalcosis.
Oxidative stress has been confirmed to play a role in adult-onset neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease [4], and we confirmed the involvement of oxidative neuronal damage in child-onset and adult neurodegenerative diseases, such as dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy and superficial siderosis [5, 6].
(28) In addition, the degree of steatosis and siderosis were determined by histological examination of the liver.
Beta-globin mutations are associated with parenchymal siderosis and fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
It has been also proposed that subjects with lesser degrees of hepatic siderosis at diagnosis are unlikely to develop hypogonadism [47].
However, in another study, LCA manifested on MRI as T1-hypointense and T2-hyperintense lesions, an appearance related to insignificant siderosis, seen in less than 50% of LCA cases.
El oxido de estano, asi como la exposicion al sulfato de bario y la siderosis, se reconoce que producen un tipo de neumoconiosis no fibrotica, donde se encuentra gran cantidad de macrofagos, cargados con nanoparticulas de estos compuestos (8).