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a device for separating lumps from powdered material, straining liquids, grading particles, etc., consisting of a container with a mesh or perforated bottom through which the material is shaken or poured
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a device for separating dry loose materials by grain size. A distinction is made between flat sieves, which use vibration or a rocking motion, and drum sieves, which rotate. Sieves are principally used in the concentration of useful minerals and in the processing of grain for food and feed products in flour mills, mixed-feed plants, and hulling mills.

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A meshed or perforated device or sheet through which dry loose material is refined, liquid is strained, and soft solids are comminuted.
A meshed sheet with apertures of uniform size used for sizing granular materials.
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1. Any construction whose essential function is merely to separate, protect, seclude, or conceal, but not to support.
2. A covered framework, either fixed or movable, that serves as a protection against sun, fire, wind, rain, cold, or insects.
3. A metallic plate or sheet, a woven wire cloth, or other similar device, with regularly spaced apertures of uniform size, mounted in a suitable frame or holder for use in separating material according to size; also called a sieve.
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With the 400mm vibratory sieve equipped with the Vibrasonic Deblinding System, they have effectively helped yet another company safeguard its product and its reputation.
Strain sauce through a fine mesh sieve, reduce by one-quarter and whisk in butter until frothy.
A range of accessories are available including a high performance vacuum cleaner for reliable cleaning of the working air; a small filter for active dedusting of the process air; a high-precision laboratory balance; an ultrasonic test sieve cleaning unit and a high performance cyclone for reliable and clean recovery of fines.
"I have learnt this craft from my father, who inherited it from my grandfather," said Araby, as he glances at various types of sieves stacked up inside his workshop.
Thus, Sieve One focuses on sensor performance, based on the requirements defined in step 3 of the system analysis; Sieve Two focuses on the physical and environmental requirements mapped in step 4 of the analysis; and Sieve Three analyzes the total cost of implementation for those sensors that passed through the first two steps.
On his Instagram account, Ishimoto paid tribute to his ( girlfriend, Sieve , after she stuck by his side throughout their stint in the hit Fox reality TV competition.
The air that is dried using the molecular sieve is then heated and fed into the bottom of the drying bin; where it rises up passing through the plastic granulate.
Caption: Sketch of photon sieve hologram (149micronsx 149 microns) with a target plane located 500 microns away from its surface.
To solve this problem Russell Finex modified the Compact sieves. The sieve decks were lowered in height and the underpans were enlarged so the units would fit neatly into the existing process without disrupting Zeelandia's production lines.
Cleveland Vibrator Company is now offering the Model FHK Dual Drive Laboratory Sieve Shaker (DDLS) to complement its growing line of fine mesh vibratory sieves.