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a device for separating lumps from powdered material, straining liquids, grading particles, etc., consisting of a container with a mesh or perforated bottom through which the material is shaken or poured



a device for separating dry loose materials by grain size. A distinction is made between flat sieves, which use vibration or a rocking motion, and drum sieves, which rotate. Sieves are principally used in the concentration of useful minerals and in the processing of grain for food and feed products in flour mills, mixed-feed plants, and hulling mills.


A meshed or perforated device or sheet through which dry loose material is refined, liquid is strained, and soft solids are comminuted.
A meshed sheet with apertures of uniform size used for sizing granular materials.


1. Any construction whose essential function is merely to separate, protect, seclude, or conceal, but not to support.
2. A covered framework, either fixed or movable, that serves as a protection against sun, fire, wind, rain, cold, or insects.
3. A metallic plate or sheet, a woven wire cloth, or other similar device, with regularly spaced apertures of uniform size, mounted in a suitable frame or holder for use in separating material according to size; also called a sieve.
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In cross section, KS nodules display a sievelike appearance caused by the transection of spindle cells with intervening slitlike spaces.
9) Histologically, the normal epithelium can undergo prominent epithelial proliferation and be transformed into closely packed glands with cribriform and sievelike patterns.
Intracytoplasmic and intercellular, microscopic lumina, imparting a cribriform or sievelike appearance, are characteristic and are present in most cases, irrespective of the predominant architectural pattern.