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Signal Processing, Analysis, and Display program. An environment with an associated programming language by Jan Carter of Argonne National Lab. Telephone +1 (312) 972 7250.


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(1) (SIGnature) A text-based name and address appended to email and Usenet messages. The "sig block" is the complete signature, which may include a favorite quote or saying or even a logo made up of characters (see ASCII art).

(2) (Special Interest Group) A group of people who meet and share information about a particular topic of interest. It is usually a part of a larger group or association. See SIGGRAPH and SIGCAT.
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However, SIG said its own business transformation plans as well as normal seasonality "should enable a stronger second half".
"The global importance of this contract for SIG SAUER is far-reaching based on the size, location and economic strength of India in the global market.
Like the SIG P320, the serialized part is the steel chassis inside the polymer "frame." However, unlike the P320, SIG doesn't want you removing the frame from the grip on the P365, and you won't find any instructions on how to do it in the owner's manual.
The unique combination of GE Digital's APM and ServiceMax applications will enable SIG to build an end-to-end digital platform that will bring a new level of insight and data-driven intelligence to its customers worldwide -- helping them and SIG transform how they predict, manage and service the entire lifecycle of SIG filling lines.
The researchers identified 3,797 unique Sig concepts in the text strings analyzed; more than half of all Sigs could be classified into 25 unique Sig concepts.
According to the SIG spokesmen who hosted the tour, SIG SAUER entered the ammunition business in 2014 as part of its Complete Systems Provider strategy.
I've been doing quite a bit of shooting of SIG's new "Elite Performance Ammunition" during gun tests and have found it accurate, consistent and beautifully made.
However, on June 30, 2016, SIG Sauer experienced a bit of a public-relations setback in its quest for industry domination when it lost the bid to Glock for the FBI's service-handgun contract with a different set of full-size and compact P320 variants.
Sig alleges that, in spite of that agreement, Cybergun provided only one accounting report during 2015, "despite repeated requests" for all quarterly reports.
In this section, we describe a new method to calculate the SIG from TOF-MRA image, reconstruct the arterial, and map the calculated SIG on the arterial model.
New York, NY, April 21, 2016 --( Neo Group, a leading global sourcing data, risk monitoring and advisory firm, and SIG, the premier membership organization for sourcing, procurement and outsourcing executives, today announce the successful launch of the GBS Board.