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It mandates the local government units (LGU), where any of cultural properties are located, to pass an ordinance that would provide for the exact measurements of the size, height and other relevant physical attributes of subject cultural properties in order to protect their designated views and sight lines.
"I immediately expressed to them the opportunities for what could happen with the powerful sight lines and forms created by the house," says Orr.
The MPBR, where the bullet is three inches below the sight line, will be about 295 yards.
Where the part of the window that opens has a smaller piece of glass than the non-opening part, it's known as an unequal sight line. Where both parts are the same size, experts say the sight line is equal.
Apex Gear, a new sighting on the radar in the archery industry in 2007, has introduced a high-end sight line that is sure to catch the eye not only of archery hunters, but of the tournament shooter as well.
We'd tucked behind these little islands to be out of the sight line from the shore.
The head end of the rail tapers below the resident's sight line to reduce any feeling of restriction.
Payson Athletic Director Barry Smith says he likes the gym's airy feeling and the fact that every seat has a good sight line.
They allow a direct sight line to the facility," she says.
Expanding on their 2006 Metal Optic sight line, Toxonics introduces the K955-19 sight for 2007.
As far as the national government is concerned, the construction of Torre de Manila is illegal as it mars the physical integrity of the Rizal Monument which necessarily includes its sight line.
| R A Berry and Son Ltd, discharge of conditions 5 (walls/fences), 7 (roads), 8 (layout), 9 (structure), 10 (sight lines), 11 (access), 12 (sight line), 21 (open space) on previous permission for building of residential development (five houses with associated garages) and building of seven garages and parking (partly within a conservation area), 5 Newgate Fold, Holmfir th.