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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

From the Latin sigillum ("seal"), a sigil is a magical design or symbol, often representing a word or concept. It is, in effect, a focal point or visual stimulus. Many sigils are created from Magic Squares (examples of which are found in The Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage) by connecting the numerical values of letters throughout the square. Such a sigil gives the essence of the name or word that is being used. Others may be obtained by adopting and adapting traditional symbols such as pentagrams, astrological symbols, circles, squares, or triangles.

Once obtained, sigils are used on talismans and for marking magical tools, robes, and crowns in both Ceremonial Magic and Witchcraft. When properly constructed and consecrated before use sigils can convey great power.

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SIGIL is a security service that can be layered on top of any SS7 firewall to benefit from an AdaptiveMobile-led community effort to best protect subscribers.
SIGIL is available for AdaptiveMobiles industry-leading Signalling Protection product, as well as 3rd- party firewalls.
I mostly create embroidered decoration for some of the principal female cast, such as on the dresses for Cersei who was born into the House of Lannister, whose sigil is that of a rampant lion.
Local musician Greg McKillop, who sometimes performs with the band Speaker For the Dead, isn't one to sit still, so it probably shouldn't have been surprising when a new EP, "Songs & Sigil to Stop Suffering,'' popped up on Bandcamp.
7) ortalama yasi 54 yil olan serilerindeki iyi huylu kapak tumoru sikligini %26,5 intradermal nevus, %22,4 sigil, %14,7 seboreik keratoz seklinde bildirmislerdir.
Sigil Creative, Matthew John Jensen, 26 Inglewood Pl, Bellingham, WA 98229
His proud association with the Kennedy family sigil ironically created his chief limitation as an actor in the century's great events.
with the procession of its sigil character through the Fashoda crisis in Egypt in 1898, Paris in 1913, southwest Africa in 1922, and Malta during World War II.
Por meio de programas dedicados a edicao de texto (como Word, Adobe Indesign, entre outros) e programas especificos para a edicao de codigo (como Sigil, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc.
The Appendix presents the most important information concerning each analysed edition, (4) including the year of publication, the sigil (5) used in this study to identify each edition, the printer's name, the catalogue number, and the word count.