sikhara, sikra

Pyramidal or curvilinear towerlike upper structure of a Hindu temple.
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I, no more than yourself, have seen the Chaldean masonry works constructed according to the sacred form of the Sikra, nor the temple of Solomon, which is destroyed, nor the stone doors of the sepulchre of the kings of Israel, which are broken.
Pipeline From Sikra Road To Bandni Village Under Bhachau Reg.
Maxi:zahahadid architects: museum of XXI, sikra Rizzoli, newyork, u.
The translation of the fifth sikra of the Vaigesika Sutras, for instance, is hardly a translation at all: "Prthivi, apa, teja, vayu, kala, dik, atma, and mana are the dravyas" (p.