silicon ingot

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silicon ingot

A salami-shaped bar of silicon, which is a single crystal, technically known as a "boule." The ingot is the first step in chip making. High-speed saws slice the ingot into "wafers" about the thickness of a dime, which are then ground and polished mirror smooth. The surfaces of the wafer are etched to form all the transistors on all the chips at the same time. The final step is to cut apart the chips and place them into their packages. See wafer, chip package and transistor.

Drawing the Silicon Ingot
An ingot is being drawn from a furnace containing molten silicon. (Image courtesy of Texas Instruments, Inc.)

An Ingot Plant
At a Silicon Valley Microelectronics plant, the ingots are "grown" in these cylinders. SVM makes the ingots and slices them into wafers for their customers. (Image courtesy of Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc.,

The Pulled Ingot
This is a finished ingot ready for slicing into wafers. (Image courtesy of Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc.,
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the second half of 2018 onwards, the Group's monocrystalline silicon ingot and monocrystalline silicon wafer production capacity will reach 1.8GW while module production capacity will reach 2.2GW.
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Thermal stresses are generated in the silicon ingot by nonuniform temperature distribution, which is mainly affected by furnace design [4] and cooling process design [5].
The company said the USD80m facility was constructed in 2009 by Sanyo Solar, a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation, to manufacture silicon ingots for solar power cells.
* Slicing, silicon ingot into wafers of this disk shape;
(Salem, Mass.): optimize the fixed abrasive slicing technique for a reduction in crystalline silicon ingot wafer slicing cost.
Those meetings have brokered business talks among 500 enterprises from both sides of the Strait, cooperation among over 100 enterprises, which have led to the signing of 43 letters of intent for cooperation, and even some substantive cooperative deals, including investment by Solargiga Energy, China's second largest producer of monocrystalline silicon ingot for solar cell, in Kinmac Solar, procurement of Hon Hai's e-reader by China Mobile, joint R&D of TD-SCDMA mobile phone by China Mobile and HTC, and the establishment of a joint-venture sales channel company by Chunghwa Telecom and China Unicom.
The systems form the core components of a fully integrated PV production line from monocrystalline silicon ingot to solar module to be built in South America.
SunPower Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of solar cells and solar panels, has signed a silicon ingot supply agreement for 2007 with REC SiTech AS.
In a second phase, the monocrystalline silicon ingot to module production plant would include a polysilicon plant.
Two processes are used internationally to produce these wafers, the standard being the Czochralski method, whereby silicon chunks are melted and a monocrystalline silicon ingot is pulled from the melt by means of a seed crystal.
LDK Solar Co Ltd (LDK Solar) (NYSE:LDK), a manufacturer of multicrystalline solar wafers and PV products, announced on Monday that its patent 'Directional Solidification Furnace with Recharging Apparatus for Multicrystalline Silicon Ingot Growth' has won the Excellence Award of the 12th China Patent Award, which is reportedly considered the highest award in the patent field in China.

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