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1. Surgery
a. catgut, silk thread, or wire used to stitch together two bodily surfaces
b. the surgical seam formed after joining two surfaces
2. Anatomy a type of immovable joint, esp between the bones of the skull (cranial suture)
3. Zoology a line of junction in a mollusc shell, esp the line between adjacent chambers of a nautiloid shell
4. Botany a line marking the point of dehiscence in a seed pod or capsule
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the surgical uniting, chiefly by a surgical needle and suture material, of tissues cut during surgery or separated by an injury. Threads made of silk, linen, or Dacron and other polymeric materials are used in superficial sutures. In buried sutures, which are applied to internal organs and tissues, absorbable materials, such as catgut or biologically inert polymeric threads, are used; buried sutures are not removed.

One type of superficial suture, cosmetic suture, which is applied to the face, is made using threads of horsehair or thin ca-pron. Osteorrhaphy (osteosynthesis) is a type of buried suture. Primary, primo-secondary, and secondary sutures are distinguished on the basis of when the sutures are applied, which depends on the type of wound. The sutureless union of tissues is achieved with various adhesives made from polymeric materials (for example, cyanoacrylate) or with metal clamps.

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A distinguishable line of union between two closely united parts.
A fine thread used to close a wound or surgical incision.
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For full-thickness and larger single defects, a double-layer closure is recommended with a full-thickness inner layer (including the mucosa) in which the mucosa is inverted luminally with 3-0 absorbable suture in a running or interrupted fashion followed by a seromuscular outer layer of 3-0 absorbable or silk sutures placed in interrupted imbricating Lembert stitches.
In these two cases, after excision of the conjunctival tissue around the tube, we suspended it to the nasal root in the inner canthal area by passing 4/0 silk suture around the proximal tube neck; we removed the suspension suture after 1 month.
The patients were divided into two groups according to the ligation materials used for the varicocelectomy (silk sutures and titanium clips).
CVC lines have been traditionally secured with silk sutures to the skin of the neck.
A total of 160 rats were divided into three parts, the frist part and the second part include five subgroups: (I) non- I/R rats (shamn n = 10), the silk suture crossed without ligation and the rat did not receive I/R; (II) I/R rats received saline alone (n = 10); (III) I/R rats received intravenous injection (i.v.) of FB 5 mg/kg (n = 10); (IV) I/R rats received i.v of FB 10 mg/kg (n = 10); (V) I/R rats received i.v of FB 20 mg/kg (n = 10).
The flaps were positioned coronally and sutured with an interrupted sling suture with 4.0 silk (Silk suture, Johnson & Johnson, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil).
With the patient under general anesthesia, a silk suture is used to fix the tongue in a protruded position (figure, A).
The Ethicon Products non-absorbable product line includes synthetic sutures made of polyester nylon, and polypropylene, but also includes the PERMA-HAND Silk Suture made from natural silk.
The mass was ligated at its base (silk suture) and sent for further analysis (figure 1).
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The two edges of skin was apposed with horizontal mattress suture pattern using silk suture. The antiseptic dressing of surgical wound was done with Povidone iodine solution.