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(organic chemistry)
R2SiO Any of a family of silica-based polymers in which R is an alkyl group, usually methyl; these polymers exist as oily liquids, greases, rubbers, resins, or plastics. Also known as oxosilane.



any of the compounds containing the grouping

Siloxanes are anhydrides of silicon acids. Organosiloxanes (seeORGANOSILICON COMPOUNDS) and polyorganosiloxanes (seeSILICONES) are the most important of these compounds. [23–1092–]

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In the first step, IPDI and siloxane diol (5 mol% based on the amount of NCO groups) dissolved in toluene were charged into the flask and were heated to 60[degrees]C in an oil bath.
The Si2p signal is evidently associated with the siloxane moieties in the SPI and S2p signal is due to the imide molecular segment of the SPI copolymer (see structure in Fig.
Because they possess both the siloxane and the organic functionalities, these optimized superwetting surfactants provide superior flow and leveling and low-foam wetting.
Therefore, in this study, the effect of hydroxyalkyl carbamate-terminated PDMS molecular weight, presence and length of PCL blocks, and the percent loading of siloxane in the coating formulations on the performance of siloxane-polyurethane thermoset coatings is explored.
Since the total siloxane content of the nanocomposites is much smaller than the epoxy components, and there are relatively large amounts of grafted trialkoxysilane groups (derived from the GOTMS in the TEOS precursor mixture and the amine silane functional groups in the epoxy resin), the resulting products are expected to contain large proportions of interpenetrating network (IPN) structures.
Development of a Structured Siloxane Defoamer Line Polysiloxane polymers possess many important properties that are excellent for defoaming efficacy.
Air Products has won the 2012 Ringier Coatings Technology Innovation Award for its new Airase 8070 deaerator, a high performance, siloxane polyether-based deaerator for controlling microfoam and pinholes in waterborne coatings, especially those applied with high-speed techniques such as airless or air-assisted spray.
The caprylyl methicone is a volatile alkyl methyl siloxane fluid that combines compatibility and handling ease with excellent spreadability and cleansing properties, unique feel and gloss improvement.
To achieve optimal properties it is essential to vulcanize the siloxane phase because uncured silicone gums have poor mechanical properties.
For use in both exterior and interior applications, it is said to tackle exudation, stickiness, poor paint adhesion, and lack of permanence associated with current technologies such as erucamide, wollastonite and nanoclays, siloxane additives, and coatings.
With almost 100 installations worldwide, PpTek is the market leader in the provision of regenerative siloxane removal solutions and will become an integrated business unit within the Hiross Zander Division, thus enabling Parker Hannifin to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the biogas conditioning market.
The siloxane cage formation was based on the following crosslinking reactions of functional polysiloxanes: (1) hydrosilylation of vinyl groups; (2) condensation of silanol groups.