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russian olive

russian olive

Small tree grows to 20 ft (7m). Thin lance shaped silvery leaves like olive tree, yellow 4-petal flowers, red edible sweet, but mealy fruit resembling olives. Fruit can be powdered and is used for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.
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(14) This area was identified by assuming that the existing Silverberry and Northern Rockies landfills would cut prices substantially to retain business that they might have to compete for in the presence of a new competitor.
For a customer located near Silverberry, the distance to CCS's closest competitor would decline by about 2.5 hours one-way.
(6) The closest hazardous waste landfill in Alberta was located about four hours away from Silverberry and eight hours from Northern Rockies, one-way.
It is decorated with dyed porcupine quills, silverberry seeds (Elaeagnus commutata), and fringes.
Silverberry seeds (Elaeagnus commutata): Silverberry seeds are used to decorate many of the fringes on the outfit.
Karen's children, Caitlyn, Peter, and Cheyanna Fraser, and Ingrid's husband Tom Andrews and daughter Erika Kritsch helped pick several large buckets of silverberry seeds--a total of at least 1500 seeds, enough for all five outfits.