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method of drawing whereby a silver-tipped instrument is dragged across paper prepared with ground bone dust and gum water and then tinted with a pigment. The procedure results in drawings of extraordinary delicacy. It was used extensively in Europe from the late Middle Ages to the early 16th cent. The silverpoint instrument was a silver thread encased in wood, similar in design to a modern lead pencil. Among the foremost practitioners of the medium were Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer.
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We are thrilled to join finalsite, which has long been recognized as an innovative industry leader," said Angelo Otterbein, President of Silverpoint, who will serve on the Board of Directors and as Chief Innovation Officer of the combined company.
While living in Newport in the 1850s, Brewerton turned his attention to two centuries-old artistic media--pastels and silverpoint.
Djuna Barnes began the novel emerging from a nine-year relationship with another American expatriate in Paris, the silverpoint artist Thelma Wood, during one of the most peripatetic periods of her life.
The student progresses from drawing on a small wooden panel with silverpoint (chapters 5-9) to drawing on parchment and paper using ink wash, leadpoint, and pen, the last of which renders him capable of disegno inside his head (chapters 10-14) and then progresses to working on tinted paper (chapters 15-22).
is showcasing its Silverpoint cutlery line, an entry-level priced complement to its forged Grand Prix series.
It was in Paris in the 1920s that Djuna Barnes fell in love with Thelma Wood--another American expatriate, a sculptor and silverpoint artist--because, Barnes would later say, Thelma reminded her of grandmother Zadel.
Vulnerable from what she had not yet accepted as the end of a nine-year affair with alcoholic silverpoint artist Thelma Wood, Barnes was admitted to the American Hospital for an appendectomy three weeks after her arrival in Paris in the fall of 1931.
From bold black crayon to delicate silverpoint, we look for some indication that there has been serious engagement with visual or imaginative content as a prelude to the lines, marks or strokes that respond to the ideas envisioned.
This intriguing show reveals how the technique of silverpoint has inspired the contemporary Russian artist.
Some people think silverpoint is a photographic process, which it is not.
I have worked in silverpoint, encaustic (hot wax painting), watercolour, tempera, gouache, oils, acrylics and pastels - just about everything except fresco.
Carol Prusa, Florida Atlantic University, discusses her work, which has used egg tempera, video, silverpoint drawing, hair, gold leafing, wool and performance.