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The majority of sectors reported similar figures across all areas of activity, although there was marked differences between the service and production industries in Scotland in terms of new business, with service businesses reporting a small improvement compared to a -22% downturn for production.
Joshua (right) will hope to make similar figures from those fights as he will make from this week's career-defining bout and, of course, on top of his purse monies there will be plenty more money to be earned through endorsements and advertising.
The figure is a 12 per cent increase on similar figures last year.
NEW YORK: US private employers hired staff at the fastest pace in 13 months in December, data from a payrolls processor showed yesterday, burnishing expectations that similar figures due later in the week from the government will confirm the US economy was gathering steam at the end of last year.
Charlotte, North Carolina-based Wells Fargo Securities LLC's CMBS Performance Monitor--April Summary reported similar figures.
00 Windsor) Rated in the low 90s as a juvenile and hit similar figures in 6f events at Newmarket early last year.
In England, similar figures show latest collection rates at 77%, the same as 2008-09.
The Football League are expected to announce full ticketing arrangements on Friday, but last season both finalists, Arsenal and Birmingham City, received an allocation of 31,000 tickets, and Reds fans will be hoping for similar figures this season.
We have similar figures for MRSA as well and we have the same aims for that.
One figure was spotted standing 15 feet away from its craft, with four other similar figures nearby.
3 per cent over similar figures for 31 December 2010.
Another three consultants from other areas made in excess of pounds 80,000, and similar figures were seen in the previous years.