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Notice that the solution for k cells is formed from the solution for k + 1 cells when the two cells with the largest similarity coefficient are combined.
Similarity of the band profiles was performed on the basis of the Jaccard similarity coefficient and UPGMA-based grouping in the NTSYS software (version 2.
The Jaccard similarity coefficient, Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA) cluster analyses, Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCA), and Mantel test were conducted using NTSYS-pc2.
Clustering was done using symmetry matrix of similarity coefficient using UPGMA using SHAN module of NTSYS-pc.
Furthermore, cluster analysis between evaluated traits showed that root and shoot dry weight had highest genetic similarity coefficient with total dry weight (Fig.
A similarity coefficient of 80% was used to define pulsed-field type clusters.
PFGE patterns were considered clonally related if they had a similarity coefficient >80% (Dice similarity index and unweighted pair-group with arithmetic mean method).
This is the already presented Jaccard similarity coefficient, which is, according to these authors, superior to other coefficients.
We constructed plots of absolute and relative oxide abundance and calculated similarity coefficients, using both the conventional similarity coefficient (SC) and the computationally more intensive weighted SIMAN coefficient.
Computer-assisted analysis of the DNA banding patterns: A comparison of band patterns was done by the unweighted pair group method (UPGMA) using arithmetic averages and the Dice similarity coefficient (SYNGENE, Synotics Ltd.
In any case, the average similarity coefficient among Hycrest*2/6x-BL tetraploid hybrids was smaller, but not significantly different from Hycrest (Table 4).