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Simnel, Lambert

(sĭm`nəl), c.1475–1525, imposter and pretender to the English throne. Little is known of his early life, but before 1486 he caught the attention of an Oxford priest, Richard Simon or Symonds, who trained him to impersonate Richard, duke of York, younger son of Edward IV, who is now thought to have died, or been murdered, while imprisoned in the Tower of London. The plan was changed, however, and in 1486 Simon took Simnel to Ireland, claiming that he was Edward, earl of Warwick, another Yorkist claimant to the throne. A number of Yorkist adherents rallied to his cause, and in May, 1487, Simnel and his supporters, led by John de la Pole, earl of Lincoln (see under PolePole,
English noble family. The first member of importance was William de la Pole, d. 1366, a rich merchant who became the first mayor of Hull (1332) and a baron of the exchequer (1339).
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, family), crossed to England and were defeated by the forces of Henry VII at the battle of Stoke (June, 1487). Simnel was taken prisoner but pardoned and supposedly was employed thereafter as a scullion in the royal kitchen, as a mark of Henry VII's lenience.
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It is traditionally eaten on the middle Sunday of Lent, when the fast is relaxed a little, but thank goodness sanity now prevails, and we can eat our Simnel cakes in full unabashed heresy, whenever we want.
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They favored the Lancastrians over the Yorkists, and later supported the impostors Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck, as well as a bizarre plot to assassinate Henry VII.
The ensembles never really find any dramatic momentum, and the music is simple and repetitive, with the best of it residing in naive numbers such as a Romanze for Simnel in D flat, the increasingly popular key for Romantic intensity, Lebt wohl, des Lebens schonste Traume, and a cheerful Arie for Kitchen's father, a cook and innkeeper named John Bred.
Whitworths won best home baking product with its Easter Simnel cake.
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That was not so - it was the Battle of Stoke Field in 1487 when the last Yorkist and successor to Richard III, John, Earl of Lincoln, tried to oust Henry VII and put Lambert Simnel on the throne.
ENDLESS chocolate eggs, slabs of simnel cake and heavenly hot cross buns might be tempting, but there's only one treat that turns MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace's head at Easter, and that's roast lamb.