simple machine

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simple machine

[′sim·pəl mə′shēn]
(mechanical engineering)
Any of several elementary machines, one or more being incorporated in every mechanical machine; usually, only the lever, wheel and axle, pulley (or block and tackle), inclined plane, and screw are included, although the gear drive and hydraulic press may also be considered simple machines.

Simple machine

Any of several elementary machines, one or more of which is found in practically every machine. The group of simple machines usually includes only the lever, wheel and axle, pulley (or block and tackle), inclined plane, wedge, and screw. However, the gear drive and hydraulic press may also be considered as simple machines. The principles of operation and typical applications of simple machines depend on several closely related concepts. See Efficiency, Friction, Mechanical advantage

Two conditions for static equilibrium are used in analyzing the action of a simple machine. The first condition is that the sum of forces in any direction through their common point of action is zero. The second condition is that the summation of torques about a common axis of rotation is zero. Corresponding to these two conditions are two ways of measuring work. In machines with translation, work is the product of force and distance. In machines with rotation, work is the product of torque and angle of rotation. See Hydraulic press, Wedge

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Explain to students that they will work in small groups to design, build, and test a machine that can move a heavy load in a plastic bag, using at least two simple machines. Review the criteria and constraints with students before they begin.
Timers have been used throughout history as simple machines. Using an inclined plane, that is, a funnel, as a sand timer allows students to link the definition of simple machines to the idea that machines make work easier for people.
Two wheels connected by a rod is a simple machine called a wheel and axle.
Simple machines was [sic] more fun because we did things instead of reading only about it.
Another very simple machine. This one only came with two recipes - plain waffles, and apple and cinnamon.
While the Atlas option is ideal for handling pillow bags at speeds of up to 85bpm, the Astro will usually be specified for speeds up to 70bpm, offering in addition to pillow bags also gusseted and block bottom bag formats with minimum change parts and simple machine maintenance.
Fortunately I've come to see my body as a simple machine (it doesn't quite make it to temple status).
How do you make ice reliably in a very simple machine?"
This simple machine helps to counteract the effect of compaction, enabling better root establishment leading to up to 18% more grass at first cut following from aeration, which can generate a PS30-per-acre benefit to the farmer.
The previously described small and simple machine has performed flawlessly for over four years without requiring any maintenance and we expect that, having recycled and simplified these discarded machines, we will be able to use them safely and reliably for many years to come.
The list guides Tom through an exploration that will get him on track to connect the task (crushing) to a simple machine. He marks off each task as he completes them, which gets him to move back to the next task on the list.
The Two Flap Sealer machine will be packing a typically Australian 'Wallaby' branded flour product as well as 3 other various cartons sizes demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability of this small simple machine.