Simple Pendulum

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simple pendulum

[′sim·pəl ′pen·jə·ləm]
A device consisting of a small, massive body suspended by an inextensible object of negligible mass from a fixed horizontal axis about which the body and suspension are free to rotate.
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Pendulum, Simple


a point mass that as a result of the force of gravity oscillates along a circular arc in a vertical plane. A bob suspended on an inextensible string for all practical purposes can be considered to be a simple pendulum if the dimensions of the bob are very small compared with the length of the string and if the mass of the string is very small compared with the mass of the bob. (See.)

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The algebraic manipulation required here to establish the reasonableness of the experimentally derived equation by comparison with the standard form of the simple pendulum equation would only be appropriate for upper secondary students.
This could lead to a more detailed discussion of measurement errors and also to a closer look at the condition on the simple pendulum equation,
In such application, designing a control system using a simple pendulum model suffers a major drawback due to the uncontrolled second mode oscillations.
Most of the research on crane control simplifies the crane dynamics as a simple pendulum system.
The first two cases are of a simple pendulum with a constant cable length and a simple pendulum with hoisting.
Simple Pendulum Crane with a Constant Cable Length.
An interesting observation is obtained by further inspection of these figures, which shows that the ILC is less sensitive to modeling errors in the case of a double pendulum model compared to the simple pendulum model case.
Consider, as a paradigm case, the motion of a damped, driven simple pendulum. First, the simple pendulum can exhibit recurrent motion.
Two pieces of equipment that students are required to supply themselves are the stopwatch for the simple pendulum and known masses for the spring constant.
Equipment Equipment supplied Experiment Aims supplied in kit by student The simple To observe the motion Length of Tape measure pendulum: of a simple pendulum. String/fishing or Ruler calculating To use the lengths line 2 x Sinker Stop watch the and periods of a (different Capped pen acceleration pendulum to calculate masses) Heavy books due to the value of the Graph paper gravity acceleration due to gravity.