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a Church benefice to which no spiritual or pastoral charge is attached
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in the Middle Ages, an ecclesiastical office that brought in income without being connected with the fulfillment of any obligations or without even requiring residence at the place of appointment. The granting of sinecures was widely practiced by the papacy. The word “sinecure” became a pejorative term used to designate a well-paying office not requiring any special work.

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The climate ministry has to be led by a minister with sufficient knowledge of the issues involved, instead of becoming a sinecure for incompetent loyalists as has happened under both the PML-N and PTI.
Par manque de culture de certains commercants, le controle sur le terrain n'est pas une sinecure. Les problemes rencontres sont multiples, allant du simple refus de se faire controler jusqu'aux agressions, notamment vis-a-vis de la gente feminine.
A special problem is the fact that the Polish political scene begins to be peopled by professional politicians who tend to treat the state as their private sinecure rather than feeling a responsibility to the electorate.
Too many of them, it seems, want to remain on the taxpayer rolls with a secure sinecure while refusing to do core aspects of their job.
After serving his prison sentence, Fegan returns to Belfast and is given a sinecure by the Party to support him.
When the OUS advertised the vice-chancellor's position that Rose filled last year, the job didn't sound like a tweedy sinecure. The position announcement said the OUS was looking for someone to work with the state's new Oregon Education Investment Board to streamline education at all levels, implement achievement compacts that link funding to educational results, and work toward a goal of having 40 percent of Oregonians earning bachelor's degrees by 2025.
Sur le papier, la resorption de cette problematique n'a rien d'une sinecure. Il s'agit plutot d'un vaste programme.
It's nothing more than a sinecure for a party political mediocrity to fill at PS100,000+ a year.
The news that an "interim director of community services" at Liverpool Council was paid almost a third of a million pounds for her request to take voluntary severance (ie resign) because she came second in a council sinecure, beggars belief.
It would be wrong if, as now happens, members were to use the new house as a sinecure to come and go at will without earning our respect but get paid for work not done.
Instead of extending the age of retirement, as indeed several countries such as the US have done, the government of India seems to have adopted an ad hoc policy of rehiring and almost anyone who is anyone, manages to find a sinecure, post- retirement.