single chip

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single chip

One integrated circuit (one chip). As you trace the evolution of all electronic devices (computers, calculators, phones, etc.), more circuits are combined into one chip all the time. What took hundreds, even thousands, of chips in years past fits on a single chip today. See chip.

Five Years Apart
The larger network adapter (NIC) was made in 1997, and the smaller one in 2002.

One Transistor Per Chip
In the 1960s, IBM's "advanced" solid state technology placed three transistors (three chips) on a module. Today, several billion transistors fit on a single chip. (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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TransChip will be demonstrating its single chip camera solution at the Israel Mobile Association brokerage event at 3GSM World Congress, Martinez Hotel Cannes.
The new GDM7004 represents the first fully integrated single chip for the T-DMB market with minimum BOM and extremely high performance.
Nasdaq:RFMI) (RFM) today announced the expansion of its wireless product line with the addition of single chip Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs).
In addition, with this added storage capacity, customers can leverage a single chip for both code execution and data storage.
It achieves the highest level of integration in the market; everything from the baseband interface up to the PA is integrated into a single chip, including the WCDMA receive SAW filters.
the single chip Ultra Wideband (UWB) systems semiconductor company, announced that it has won the Frost & Sullivan 2005 Technology Innovation of the Year Award in the field of short-range high bandwidth wireless technologies.
The cost efficient, highly integrated true single chip OV7940 CMOS video camera combines a high level of functionality with excellent low light performance, enabling it to compete head-to-head in the CCD dominated segment of the security surveillance market.

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