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Expect comfortable accommodations (private rooms, single floor plan); secure, spacious grounds; professionally prepared meals, and reasonable fees.
"VCS was looking to consolidate its operations onto a large, single floor to facilitate collaboration among colleagues," said Turchin.
Theo Holmes, from property agency CBRE, said it would be the largest office on a single floor in the city.
House of Representatives has maintained a procedure, the self-executing rule, that permits a single floor vote to pass multiple independent bills.
1 in Port Said (double floor), (b) at Taksim Al Sahab at Al Sabbah Zone in Suez (single floor building and a 140 meters long fence), (c) at Taksim Al Nagda in Hurghada (single floor building and a 85 meters long fence).
"Although this is a remodelled building, Caspian House competes directly with new build space and offers occupiers the unique opportunity of acquiring 35,000 sq ft on a single floor plate."
Regional managing director Jonathan Kell said: "We wanted to retain our Jewellery Quarter presence but needed a larger office, with a single floor plate in a more centralised location."
"These premises best fit our requirements, given the need to bring three companies together on a single floor plate."
The Art Works Galleries is located at the former Tyne Tees Television props warehouse and at 1,300sqft is the biggest single floor art space in the North-East.
Forty-five years ago this week, a store architect suggested that the best way traditional department stores could combat the growing competition from mass merchants was by meeting the latter on their own turf: set aside a single floor to sell nothing but heavily discounted items.

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