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single quote

"'" ASCII character 39.

Common names include single quote; quote; ITU-T: apostrophe. Rare: prime; glitch; tick; irk; pop; INTERCAL: spark; ITU-T: closing single quotation mark; ITU-T: acute accent.

Single quote is used in C and derived languages to introduce a single character literal value which is represented internally by its ASCII code. In the Unix shells and Perl single quote is used to delimit strings in which variable substitution is not performed (in contrast to double-quote-delimited strings).

Single quote is often used in text for both open and close single quotation mark and apostrophe. Typesetters use two different symbols - open has a tail going up, close and apostrophe have tails hanging down (like a raised comma). Some people use back quote (`) for open single quotation mark.
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In a Globe and Mailobituary, Sandra Martin captured Anderson's spirit with a single quote: "I never learned how to be subservient to men."
In the end, I only had room for a single quote, but I was touched by his generosity and in awe of the breadth of his cricketing perspective.
This single quote "England have played with excellent performances.
That complexity may include allowing a supplier to communicate its pricing structure, rather than providing a single quote. Deals can then be struck on the basis of delivery date or location; suppliers can offer compelling deals that are not solely based on price.
I found my answer in a single quote from the catalogue.
Executives invariably are puzzled at how the hour-long friendly interview with the sympathetic reporter ended up as a single quote in a largely negative story.
When they are in front of a customer, the systems in place often do not enable them to quickly and accurately configure, price and present solutions in a single quote. They must learn and use multiple tools to produce one result and often miss incremental opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling and renewing support services commitments.
single quote, plus, etc.), numbers or data lengths to submission fields result in errors that reveal the inner workings of the application.
Version 5.1.3 does not allow use of single quote marks (') in the dive description block during column changes.
I find it astonishing that Fox uses a single quote by St.
Not a single quote from a motorist, road haulier, business owner or anybody else who needs to travel our roads to earn their living and help keep others employed.
Cultivar name is correctly written in non-italicized type but capitalized and enclosed in single quote marks, i.e., 'Krypton: Overall family names of a plant consolidate genera by dominant traits; for example, Euphorbiaceae includes those plants that secrete a milky sap.

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