single sourcing

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single sourcing

Using a single original document set to generate dead tree and on-line documentation, and usually also on-line help. In practice, it most often refers to a FrameMaker file set with conditional text which, when the conditions are set appropriately, allows you to create variants of the original document (e.g., for a product that runs on different Unix platforms) as well as for different media -- typically task-oriented on-line help to be accessed under Microsoft Windows or from a web browser, linear printed document, and HTML delivered via the WWW and/or CD-ROM.
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single source publishing

Writing documentation and information in one format and publishing it in multiple formats. For example, the source text could be written in a word processor and converted to a variety of different formats such as PDF, HTML and XML. PDF is especially popular for publishers that are printing books. See PDF, HTML and XML.

We Do Single Source Publishing
The production of this encyclopedia by The Computer Language Company (CLC) is an example of single source publishing. The source text files are written and maintained in the XyWrite III Plus format (a rather ancient text editor that most people never heard of!). From the XyWrite source files, a conversion program, written in C, turns the text and XyWrite format codes into a set of XML master files.

From the XML masters, additional conversion programs create six formats: one HTML feed and two types of XML feeds for CLC customers who host the Encyclopedia on their servers; HTML definitions for CLC's own hosting system; proprietary glossary files used for CLC's popular Windows lookup engine, as well as Open eBook files for CLC customers who publish in that format. See XyWrite and CLC.
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By single sourcing, our editor's time was also markedly reduced.
If your company is considering single sourcing (content management), you can refer to Chapter 3 ("Assessing return on investment for a unified content strategy") to write a proposal for your management.
Certainly, it was not the most competitive pounds 10,000 race ever run, but Single Sourcing had the rest well beaten, even before Scotia Nostra fell at the second last, and a 16lb rise to an official mark of 91 is not excessive.
* Examines literature on change management for clues into managing the impacts of single sourcing on writers
The question posed by this issue of Technical communication is, "What are the implications of single sourcing for technical communicators?" In reviewing the literature with this question in mind, I have noted several salient themes.
* Cautions that single sourcing is often a response to a documentation requirement for the market, not to the writer's need for less complex tools
Industrialization and mass production methods replaced craftsman production in manufacturing; now single sourcing may be poised to do the same for writing.
In one of the few books addressing the topic of single sourcing, Single sourcing: Building modular documentation, Kurt Ament asserts that the single-sourcing process does not differ from the traditional documentation process in the beginning of a project.
* Discusses the current state of technical communication in China and analyzes key Chinese cultural values compatible with single sourcing
Single sourcing is a buzzword in the technical communication industry as technical communicators try to take it from great concept to current trend.
Technical communication is pleased to announce a special issue on the organizational, economic, and human impacts of single sourcing to be published in August 2003.
This model, in conjunction with e-publishing and single sourcing, is causing a radical shift in the way we communicate, a profound paradigm shift.

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