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single tax,

any levy that serves as the government's only source of revenue. Generally, however, it is understood to mean a tax derived from economic rentrent,
in law, periodic payment by a tenant for the use of another's property. In economics, its meaning is more complex, but since the word rent means any income or yield from an object capable of producing wealth, its limitation to a more special sense is somewhat
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 and used as the sole source of public receipts. As such, it is based on the doctrine that land and the natural resources are the source of all wealth, and it corresponds substantially to the impôt unique of the 18th-century physiocratsphysiocrats
, school of French thinkers in the 18th cent. who evolved the first complete system of economics. They were also referred to simply as "the economists" or "the sect." The founder and leader of physiocracy was François Quesnay.
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. Basic to the theory is the belief that the land and its wealth belong to all. The most effective advocate of the single tax was Henry GeorgeGeorge, Henry,
1839–97, American economist, founder of the single tax movement, b. Philadelphia. Of a poor family, his formal education was cut short at 14, and in 1857 he emigrated to California; there he worked at various occupations before turning to newspaper writing
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, who held that economic rent tends to enrich the owner at the expense of the community and is thus the cause of poverty; he believed that by appropriating all (or nearly all) economic rent governments could wipe out social distress and even acquire a surplus without recourse to any other taxes. George's theories have had some influence on land taxation in Britain, several of the former dominions, the W United States, and several European nations.


See H. George, Progress and Poverty (1879).

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He said that under the single sales tax regime, one product or service would have a single tax rate in any part of the country instead of multiplicity of taxes on the same commodity or service in various parts of the country.
He stressed that government in the forthcoming budget should merge all taxes into a single tax in order to minimize interaction between taxpayers and tax collectors and to improve ease of doing business in the country.
Tax on A's $9,650 of ordinary taxable income is computed using a modified single tax rate table.
"The reform merged 17 taxes, 23 cesses into one single tax. When it was finally introduced, it was our endeavour to make it simple and ensure sensitivity of the system.
Between 1912 and 1922, single tax organizations placed before California voters six constitutional amendment propositions that, had any of them passed, would have established land value taxation as the basis of local taxation.
Currently, you're allowed to take a PMI deduction if your income is $54,000 or less as a single tax filer and $109,000 or less as a couple filing jointly.
In 1888, with George's encouragement, Garland became the president and the chief spokesperson for Boston's Single Tax League.
The topics are jurisdiction to tax and definitions, the source rules, the inbound taxation of passive and active income, transfer pricing, the outbound taxation of passive and active income, the tax treaty network, capital mobility versus labor mobility, the single tax principle, the problem of non-discrimination, the future of transfer pricing, base erosion and profit sharing, and the future of the international tax regime.
Thus, income tax on residents of Kyrgyzstan made 104%, income tax - 143.6%, tax on interest - 192.6%, single tax - 112.6%, tax on basis of compulsory patent - 105.2 %.
Soon after Worcester's FY2015 tax classification hearing, the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce was proclaiming victory in its campaign toward a single tax rate.
Or should it keep taxes as low as possible for residents, while seeking to attract businesses by other means than taxes, and move toward a single tax rate after conditions improve?
According to the group, the APD is the largest single tax passengers face anywhere in the world, with the increase, amounting to about USD 107 for economy tickets and USD 215 on all other cabins for flights to the United States.