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This alteration of data is called a single-event upset, or SEU.
The only way you can determine that it is a single-event upset is by eliminating all the other possible causes," ( Bhuva explained.
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Engineers suspect the memory glitch might have been caused by space radiation, a "single-event upset" in which an energetic particle made it through radiation-hardened components and changed the state of one or more memory addresses.
The authors define five sources of radiation damage in Chapters 5 through 9, neutron damage (Chapter 5); ionizing radiation damage (Chapter 6); dose-rate effects (Chapter 7); single-event upset (Chapter 8); and electromagnetic pulse immediately following a nuclear bomb blast (Chapter 9).
The four major nuclear and space radiation threat categories are total dose and dose-rate effects of ionizing radiation, neutron degradation effects and single-event upset (SEU) due to protons and heavy ions.
The concept of resistive decoupling of memory cells was successfully applied to a Si CMOS static RAM to provide immunity to single-event upset. In a recent development, complementary GaAs integrated circuitry was explored with intracell decoupling resistors and demonstrated an SEU immunity to 40 MeV protons.
For single-event upsets (SEUs), the indications are that circuit designers will need to take account of possible spurious effects.
Several of the papers explore memory testing, automatic test pattern generation, single-event upsets, diagnosis, reconfigurable systems, and sigma- delta modulators.
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