single-line diagram

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one-line diagram

A representation of an electrical system by means of single lines and graphic symbols showing the major components of the system.
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The single-line diagram of the electrical system feeding the 60 MVA EAF in Sivas Iron and Steel plant is shown in Fig.
This includes things like maintaining an accurate electrical single-line diagram or commissioning a short circuit study, coordination study or arc-flash hazard analysis.
SmartPlant Electrical: Addresses the electrical needs of the entire life cycle of the plant, from concept to detailed design through operations and maintenance, including start-up, continuous operation, emergencies, and shutdowns; and generates single-line diagrams and schematics automatically, creating graphical reports based on data providedby the engineer.
A drawing list might include a system block diagram, equipment locations and sensor coverage, console layouts, installation details, door schedules, wire lists, concrete foundation sections, and power distribution single-line diagrams, for example.