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1. Bridge an original holding of one card only in a suit
2. Maths a set containing only one member
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In a bucket (or funnel) chart, all of the planets but one are on one side of an astrological chart. The isolated planet is called the handle or singleton.

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A set that has only one element.
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I love coming home and the Singleton Park concert is a real highlight of what has become a truly memorable year for me."
Judge Susan Garsh in October set Singleton's bail at $15,000 cash with conditions, including electronic monitoring and regular reporting to a probation officer.
Singleton publicly sacked Waterhouse having revealed he had planned to place a bet of A$100,000 (PS66,000) on More Joyous, before he was warned by Robinson the mare had an issue.
For the grand final, Singleton said: "I held station in third at the start, but we didn't have the pace we expected to begin with, which allowed the leaders to pull away a little and left me needing to defend my position again.
Let us first notice that if there is an element f for which we are in the case (i) of the definition of F(f), then we conclude that the Russell class R is not a singleton (because in this case [R.sub.f] is a singleton and [R.sub.f] [??] R).
As newspapers struggle to survive, Singleton has formed partnerships with other media companies to develop new strategies and technologies to meet what he readily concedes is a "scary" future.
Rohan Shetty, Founder, Kellett & Singleton Group and Co-Founder and erstwhile Managing Director of Scan-Trans ME, said: "Even as separate entities, we will continue to work together for mutual business benefit.
Singleton said Chubby's will be family friendly, affordable and open six days a week.
Additionally, the EPA Region 8 office said Singleton added solar panels and wind generators to the "Quadbrid" to recharge the vehicle's 96-volt electric system.
The GBP1,500 2005 Booktrust Teenage Prize has been awarded to journalist Sarah Singleton for her debut novel entitled Century.
A few months later, the Court declined to review Singleton, in which the same federal appeals court had denied an Eighth Amendment claim by a capital convict, Charles Singleton, that he should not be forcibly medicated to be made competent for execution.
Singleton, author of more than twenty-five books, including the Regeneration and The Seer series, spends her spare time researching mysterious legends and destinations for her books.