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1. Bridge an original holding of one card only in a suit
2. Maths a set containing only one member
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In a bucket (or funnel) chart, all of the planets but one are on one side of an astrological chart. The isolated planet is called the handle or singleton.

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A set that has only one element.
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Quarter-finals: Aidan/Harold Hick (Alm Lib/Mirfield Old Bank) (3) 21 Michael Beaumont/Ben Beaumont (Linthwaite CBC) (3) 12; Liz Wiltshire/Jody Dickinson (Thongsbridge CBC) (5) 18 Ian Singleton/Scott Singleton (Golcar Lib /Almondbury) (2) 21; Michael Hick/Ethan Hick (Almondbury Lib) (2) 21 Mark/April Rushworth (Broad Oak BC) (6)) 9; Julie Robson/Charlie Evans (Marsh Lib) (4) 17 Nigel Kain/Stephaine Halmshaw (Marsh Lib) (5) 21.
While all participants bare their vulnerability on television, they forgot the wrath of social media and the 'investigative skills' that social media goonies used; which could reveal the truth about what singletons claimed about their lives.
Garden Centre managers John and Claire Singleton work with Birmingham Children's Hospital's Estates Department and, after visiting the hospital numerous times and seeing the work that goes on behind the scenes, the pair wanted to do their bit to help.
Scores were available for 2,544 ART singletons, 4,985 non-ART singletons, and 1,676 ART twins.
While in the hospital's labour ward Mrs Singleton's condition worsened but it was two hours before she underwent a Caesarean section.
Singleton was charged in November 2008 with knifing and stamping on her ex-boyfriend and battering him with a bottle.
In this case, we can see that the universe consists of 4 elements in which there are exactly 2 singletons and 2 antisingletons.
Ms Singleton also worked on the assessment of private and community housing developments in London, provided additional consulting work during the design stage of developments regarding passive solar design measures and on assessments for a number of schools in Kent as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme.
Singleton said Chubby's will be family friendly, affordable and open six days a week.
Singletons psychiatrist was also forced into the critical phase of her professional ethical dilemma when all her convict/patient's appeals had failed and his execution loomed, months, then weeks, then days away.
Singletons and babies from twin births each accounted for 43% of infants conceived by ART.
In all experiments, the irrelevant singletons influenced search performance in the largest displays, although this effect only reached statistical significance in Experiment 3.