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Any of the relatively large spaces comprising part of the venous circulation in certain organs, such as the liver.



(or sine curve), the graph of the function y = sin x. It is a plane curve (see Figure 1) representing the variation in the sine as the argument, or angle, changes. A sinusoid intersects the x-axis at the points 180°k (or πk) and has maxima at the points 90° + 360°k (or π/2 + 2-πk) and minima at the points - 90° + 360°k (or - π/2 + 2πk), where k = 0, ± 1.....

Figure 1

The curve defined by the equation y = A sin (ωx + Φ0) is also sometimes called a sinusoid. The relation between this curve and the curve y = sin x is as follows: first, the x-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of ω; second, the y-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of A; and third, the curve is translated by an amount - Φ0/ω along the x-axis. The number A is called the amplitude, ω is called the angular frequency, and Φ/0 is called the initial phase angle. The sinusoid is of great importance in the theory of oscillations. [23–1296–]

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The thermal-hydrodynamic performance of in-phase sinusoidal wavy-plate channels, which describe the inter-plate flow ducts in washboard-type ([beta] = 90[degrees]) chevron plates in a PHE has been characterized in both the no-swirl and swirl flow regimes.
While the deviation angle of sinusoidal curve and G1 is the lowest, it has the highest values for G2.
A follow-up sinusoidal vertical-axis rotation test again revealed normal gains and normal phases, and her previously abnormal symmetry improved into the normal range, but the previous findings at 0.
The multiple feedback control scheme is used to sense the current in the capacitor of the load filter(inner feedback loop) and to ensure output voltage is sinusoidal and well regulated (outer feed back loop).
Following this thought pattern it can be determined in a second jump: Under the effect of extremely strong highly directional electric fields the initially flat sinusoidal oscillation of the photon is spiralled to such an extent that the geometrical locus loops used for "stationary" particles appear (see [2], page 165ff and Fig.
Injury to the sinusoidal endothelial cells and the hepatocytes in zone 3 of the liver, located around the central veins, is an important initial event in hepatic SOS.
Because the sinusoidal lesions were similar to those seen in veno-occlusive disease, also termed sinusoidal obstruction syndrome, the authors gave the name of sinusoidal obstruction syndrome (SOS) to these vascular lesions.
When a resistive load is driven by a sinusoidal voltage waveform or a sinusoidal current waveform, the average power dissipated by the load is calculated from an RMS voltage measurement.
This unit provides a sinusoidal output at near unity power factor, specifically designed for use with LED fittings.