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"Ah, sire, you recompense but badly this poor young man, who has come so far, and with so much ardor, to give your majesty useful information.
"Sire, I thought his name was unknown to your majesty."
"Sire, the duke is right, and I believe your majesty will think it equally important."
"Yes; but the Scots were cruel compatriots for me, sire; they had forced me to forsake the religion of my fathers; they had hung Lord Montrose, the most devoted of my servants, because he was not a Covenanter; and as the poor martyr, to whom they had offered a favor when dying, had asked that his body might be cut into as many pieces as there are cities in Scotland, in order that evidence of his fidelity might be met with everywhere, I could not leave one city, or go into another, without passing under some fragments of a body which had acted, fought, and breathed for me.
On the 5th of September, 1651, sire, the anniversary of the other battle of Dunbar, so fatal to the Scots, I was conquered.
I will some day write all this, sire, for the instruction of my brother kings.
"I must have a roof for these paintings, sire, and, although
"Sire, your majesty knoweth that Simon Radin is dead?"
Sire! Your majesty will damage many companies of men of war thereon."
"Indeed, sire, I wholly comprehend your disappointment.
"And who told you this fine story, sire?" asked Treville, quietly.
"I might answer, sire, that he is too deeply interested in the question to be a very impartial witness; but so far from that, sire, I know the duke to be a royal gentleman, and I refer the matter to him--but upon one condition, sire."