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a liquid medicine containing a sugar solution for flavouring or preservation



a concentrated solution of a sugar such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, or maltose or combinations of them in water or fruit juice. Syrups are clear, viscous liquids; those made with fruit juice have an aroma of fruit. The caloric content of syrups is about 10 megajoules per kg (245–246 kilocalories per 100 g), and the sugar content varies from 40 to 80 percent. Water-based syrups with a sugar content of 30 to 60 percent are used in the making of jam, canned fruit, and confectionery. Fruit syrups are used to make individual servings of carbonated and still beverages.

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Sirup coached the squad, which ended winning 49 medals at that competition.
After two hours, we filter and wash the residue, then quickly evaporate the wash-water and filtrate on a water bath to a thick sirup.
With food still on our minds and a little room left in our bellies, there was time to call at Funk's Grove maple sirup farm - where everyone you meet just happens to be named Funk - to learn about the process of making syrup (I'll stick with the traditional English spelling).