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1. a yellow-and-black Eurasian finch, Carduelis spinus
2. pine siskin a North American finch, Spinus pinus, having a streaked yellowish-brown plumage
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(Spinus spinus), a bird of the family Fringillidae of the order Passeriformes. The body length is about 12 cm, and the weight, 12 to 14 g. The plumage is yellowish green with dark streaks. Siskins are distributed in Eurasia; in the USSR they are found in the zone of coniferous forests, in the forests of the Crimea and the Caucasus, and the pine forests of Kazakhstan. In the winter they wander in flocks, particularly along river valleys with thickets of hardwood trees. Siskins usually nest in spruces or pines. The clutch contains four or five eggs, which are incubated by the female for 12 days. Sometimes siskins nest twice in one summer. The diet consists of seeds of coniferous and hardwood trees, particularly alders, and aphids and other tiny insects. Siskins are often kept in cages.

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Research has proved that the larger that bib, the more dominant is that bird's status in the siskin community.
Eurasian siskin is also a socially foraging species, therefore in the present study we provided with an opportunity to exploit social information for their foraging behavior (Senar et al., 1992).
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The significance of This Is Enlightenment as the title for this collection of essays edited by Clifford Siskin and William Warner is then that a much more direct answer is intended to the question 'Was ist Aufklarung?' As Siskin and Warner argue in their framing introduction, 'Enlightenment is an event in the history of mediation'.
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All-Tournament selections Lebron Young (28 points) of Siskin and Anthony Rabon (30 points) from the Tornadoes led their teams, but Jim Cecil of Siskin scored the winning baskets in his team's 68-64 victory.
Paul Siskin, a principal for Siskin Vals design firm in New York, has several clients who have large art collections.
The pair ultimately by interbreeding a canary with a red siskin and repeatedly crossbreeding subsequent generations.
This is an ambitious and provocative book which asks us not only to rethink the changing history of British writing in relation to labor in the eighteenth century, but also to reflect on current pressures for change in the discipline of "English literature." Faced with our own technological and economic challenges to the study of the book, Siskin reassesses the equally significant changes that writing underwent during the course of the long eighteenth century.
Using their original pulse control technology, the new unit is able to offer high performance at a low cost, say TEC UK Ltd of Siskin House, Marlins Meadow, Croxley Business Park, Watford, Hertfordshire, tel:0192 323 3688.