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Rather than sit tight, take Bucharest back to Goodison and try and repair the damage in front of their own supporters, Everton went chasing another goal and were ruthlessly undone.
I don't blame the player, who can sit tight for two more seasons while picking up a total of pounds 2.
Do I sit tight, waiting for events to drive the share price into the stratosphere?
Danny Cox, pensions development manager at Bristolbased independent financial adviser Hargreaves Landsdown, said: ``If people can sit tight they should, and not be panicked into moving money out because that will only crystalise losses.
Mega-earners like Damien Duff, Joey Barton and Obafemi Martins have indicated they are willing to sit tight.
A: You've already taken a hit from the fall in the stock market so sit tight and wait for the recovery.
But he may decide to sit tight as a "troublesome minority" if Tesco cannot persuade him to strike a deal.
However, until you have heard what they have got to say on the subject I would suggest you sit tight.
The forecast suggests we could get another 4-6mm of rain, so we'll just have to sit tight.