site cast

cast-in-place concrete, in situ concrete

Concrete which is deposited in the place where it is required to harden as part of the structure, as opposed to precast concrete.
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The program recognizes excellence in the ready-mixed concrete industry in such categories as Agricultural, Commercial, Decorative Commercial, Decorative Residential, Education, Healthcare and Public, Environmental Management, Insulating Concrete Form, Industrial, Municipal Facilities, Municipal Infrastructure, Overlays, Parking Lot, Pervious, Residential, and Site Cast Tilt-Up.
Readers of Banker Middle East and registered users of the site cast thousands of votes, which is, from my point of view, first of all, very gratifying and, secondly, very validating of the process.
Concrete industry professionals and other stakeholders attend this yearly conference on improving the quality and acceptance of site cast Tilt-Up construction.
Although speed of construction and cost savings are still the top two reasons building owners prefer site cast tilt-up concrete wall panels, recent advancements in wall panel finishes and architectural design have moved tilt-up into arenas it had never been considered in before.
In addition, the site cast process allowed for the economical integration of decorative elements into the face of the concrete panels.
Building materials consist of a conventional structural steel frame, site cast concrete wall panels, insulated metal wall panels and a single ply membrane roofing system.
A panel of Wisconsin/UP educators and construction professionals will judge the entries in categories that range from ICF to Decorative Commercial to Site Cast Tilt-Up.
Construction materials consist of a conventional structural steel frame, concrete site cast tilt-up wall panels and an EPDM roofing system.
North Korea's refusal to issue entry visas for South Korean reporters to observe the shutdown of its nuclear test site casts doubt on whether it is serious about improving relations with South Korea, experts said Tuesday.

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