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1. the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and six
2. a numeral, 16, XVI, etc., representing this number
3. Music the numeral 16 used as the lower figure of a time signature to indicate that the beat is measured in semiquavers

What does it mean when you dream about the number sixteen?

This number traditionally represents a young girl’s debut into womanhood when she celebrated her sweet sixteen birthday, so it could represent a time of maturity. In numerology, the

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These sixteen thousand dollars were not the same dollars which he had extorted from close-fisted Nature.
Sixteen thousand is an awful lot when it's coming, but it just seems about half as big when it gets here.
Now, you must remember what you are,--you're a lad of sixteen, trained to nothing particular.
started, young man; when I was sixteen, my jacket smelt of tar, and I wasn't afraid of handling cheeses.
When they were fairly out of sight, and out of hearing, he encamped on the head waters of the little stream of the preceding day, having come about sixteen miles.
In short, poor Conscience had certainly been defeated in the argument, had not Fear stept in to her assistance, and very strenuously urged that the real distinction between the two actions, did not lie in the different degrees of honour but of safety: for that the secreting the L500 was a matter of very little hazard; whereas the detaining the sixteen guineas was liable to the utmost danger of discovery.
Her sister, though comparatively but little removed by matrimony, being settled in London, only sixteen miles off, was much beyond her daily reach; and many a long October and November evening must be struggled through at Hartfield, before Christmas brought the next visit from Isabella and her husband, and their little children, to fill the house, and give her pleasant society again.
Do you happen to know who lives at Number Sixteen Vivian Place?
Major Fitz-David's address was Number Sixteen Vivian Place--the very house which I had seen my husband leaving as we passed in the carriage!
In fact, all of the importers of fine double shotguns offer Sixteens, which makes for a wide variety to choose from.
00) is sponsored by Geoff Sigsworth, who was the first ever sponsor when Sixteens started at the Colne Valley club.
Paul Sigsworth gives five start to everyone after winning five previous Sixteens.