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1. the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
2. a numeral, 6, VI, etc., representing this number
3. something representing, represented by, or consisting of six units, such as a playing card with six symbols on it
4. Cricket
a. a stroke in which the ball crosses the boundary without bouncing
b. the six runs scored for such a stroke
5. a division of a Brownie Guide or Cub Scout pack

What does it mean when you dream about the number six?

In numerology the number six represents harmony and peacemaking qualities.

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The sixth pin on the H-350 will do nothing--no harm, no foul.
Finally, do not hook the H-350 six-pin connector up to a six-pin receptacle when that sixth pin is expecting a ground and instead getting a "hot" pin.
The sixth graders were trained to use a video camera to create a skit.
Our overarching goal was to foster critical thinking and the development of critical attitudes in the sixth graders (Wright, 2002), formed by the process of "applying, analyzing, and evaluating information" (Ruminski & Hanks, 1995, p.
This article examines both the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to counsel and the underlying principles that support these rights.
Understanding the protections of the Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to counsel and the concomitant procedural rules begins with an appreciation of the principals that underlie those rights.
The right to counsel contained in the Sixth Amendment, however, has been the topic of far less litigation and, though significant, has received less attention from the media, law enforcement policy makers, and trainers.
The Sixth Amendment provides a list of protections available to the accused in "all criminal prosecutions.