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1. the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one
2. a numeral, 6, VI, etc., representing this number
3. something representing, represented by, or consisting of six units, such as a playing card with six symbols on it
4. Cricket
a. a stroke in which the ball crosses the boundary without bouncing
b. the six runs scored for such a stroke
5. a division of a Brownie Guide or Cub Scout pack
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What does it mean when you dream about the number six?

In numerology the number six represents harmony and peacemaking qualities.

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Bravo, who bowled the sixth over, removed Nabi for six.
The six concepts under consideration are: | The retention of sixth forms in all schools - the "status quo"; | the closure of all sixth forms and the development of a local authority maintained sixth-form centre; | the closure of all sixth forms and the development of a further education (FE) college-governed sixthform centre; | a mix of school sixth forms with some mergers to create new local authority-maintained sixth-form centre(s); | a mix of school sixth forms with some mergers to create new FE college-governed sixth-form centre(s); and | a full tertiary model governed by the FE sector.
Just once in the last 10 years have a team finishing in sixth place in the second tier gone on to claim the Premier League prize and that's a painful memory for Bluebirds fans.
Matthew Welch (sixth Kyu ichi), Zac Ellerby (sixth Kyu san), Callum Taylor (sixth Kyu ni), Sam Holmes (sixth Kyu ni), Sean Clements (sixth Kyu san) Josh Wylie (sixth Kyu ichi), Noah Cadden (sixth Kyu san) and Jake Wylie (sixth Kyu ni).
Release date- 16082012 - Study shows sixth form colleges achieve better results at A-level than traditional school sixth forms.
The sixth pin on the H-350 will do nothing--no harm, no foul.
SIX Geese A Laying were given as a present on the sixth day in the popular Christmas carol The
Anton went on to say, "The ground floor and basement spaces at 636 Sixth Avenue could be substantially upgraded.
"Intelligent Integration" was a program in the urban school's sixth grade utilizing mathematics and science integration along with other pedagogical practices.
Aristotle has explained it in the sixth chapter of Kitab sam' al-kiyan with strong logical and credible proofs; he has raised this objection himself and has provided an answer.
Construction of the Advanced Technology and Academic Centre (ATAC) at the Thunder Bay Lakehead University site is in its final stages, but had slowed down slightly due to a proposed sixth floor for the Northern Ontario Medical School (NOMS).
"You don't have to go through each gear, because it's a one clutch operation to go from, say, sixth to second.