sixth sense

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sixth sense

any supposed sense or means of perception, such as intuition or clairvoyance, other than the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell

Sixth Sense

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Also known as extrasensory perception, the sixth sense embodies precognition, or a knowledge of future events that logically cannot be based on present events. Many people, such as Ursula "Mother" Shipton, who foretold the future, were referred to as having a "sixth sense."

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The company is also in negotiations with several other large automotive groups regarding its sixth Sense Auto and BrakeActive aftermarket products and anticipates larger orders in the late third quarter and fourth quarter of 2017.
I thought Sixth Sense would have won the Chesham with a bit to spare if he hadn't gone for home a furlong too soon, and given the strength of Mark Johnston's juveniles he should be given a chance to make amends in the Arqana July Stakes (2.
Soap star Samia Ghadie with Sixth Sense |owners Dean Robertson and Dean Vinning
Samia, wearing her lovely locks " down, mingled with guests at the launch of Sixth Sense launched by stylist Dean Vinning and hubby Dean Robertson, before taking the opportunity to visit relatives in the town.
By launching a new Web site and associated online marketing campaign, Sixth Sense Service should be more visible to people in its area who are doing consumer research regarding appliance repairs.
This alleged ability is sometimes referred to as a sixth sense or ESP.
They say that they can sense changes directly with their mind, which is a phenomenon known as the sixth sense or ESP.
Sixth Sense centres on Tara, a young girl uprooted from her home and friends and forced to move to Rose Cottage with her unsympathetic family.
A sixth sense is something we can't explain but we tend to trust.
Sixth Sense is a small gadget in a shape of a pendant with a small webcam, a projector and a complex software code written by him.
He said: "I've a feeling, a sixth sense, and maybe for one or two there are psychological reasons why they won't play.
The (un)common sense of management; five skills and a sixth sense.