skeletal structure

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An assemblage of structural elements or members fitted together to form a structure, as a multistory building, a rigid-frame shed, or a truss.
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Thus the aim of this work was to perform a morphological analysis of the skeletal structure in Pseudodiploria colonies that exhibit damage in their skeletal structure, and to determine if environmental conditions are inducing damage or changes in the corals morphology, in samples taken from four different reefs in the VRSNP.
Reflective arrays placed on the patient's legs allow an advanced camera and computer to track the skeletal structure to determine exact position in space at any time.
There are female beings out there with limbs that seem to be sticking out of them like oddly bent straws with their skin stretched faintly over the pile of rickety bones, they call their skeletal structure.
The scaffolding around buildings being constructed leant a console designed by Viable London a rigidity that one fails to see when looking at what appears to be a basic and delicate skeletal structure.
by simulating many characteristics of the human body-ranging from the shape of the body to its skeletal structure and skin.
I would like to respond to the reviewer's comment in the penultimate paragraph: "It's a pity Gale didn't introduce the skeletal structure or beta of all four parts simultaneously and then slowly add new tools and features.
Skeletal structure, growth, and paleoecology of the patch reef-building polychaete worm Diplochaetetes mexicanus Wilson, 1986 from the Oligocene of Baja California (Mexico).
CONSIDER the skeletal structure of the human arm and compare it with that of a bat's wing, a whale's flipper, a mole's foreleg.
As well as providing 3D images, the X-rays could offer information on how old the people were when they died, their gender, what they may have looked like, their skeletal structure, their teeth and other fascinating facts about their lives.
Known as the bird nest, the 80,000-seat, skeletal structure is a unique and innovative piece of architecture.
The flatfish eyes and skeletal structure underwent small, incremental changes, says Alex Schreiber, a developmental biologist who studies flatfish at St.
The animal's thick skeletal structure and muscle mass helped him avoid any injuries, Mr.