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see X rayX ray,
invisible, highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation of much shorter wavelength (higher frequency) than visible light. The wavelength range for X rays is from about 10−8 m to about 10−11
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Skiagram of the head and neck showing deviation of the trachea to the left
Serum calcium levels, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) levels and skiagram chest were normal.
Abdominal ultra sonography, skiagram chest and non-contrast CT scan of head was normal.
Kohler A: Roentgenology: The Borderlands of the Normal and the Early Pathological in Skiagram (2nd ed).
y)/sex information Outcome 1 30, F Skiagram chest Died suggestive of pulmonary edema 2 17, M PT >60 (Control--16) Recovered BT, CT, PT--N 3 53, M Epistaxis, Recovered hemoglobinurea BT, CT, PT--N 4 20, F BP <70 mmHg Died within 5 of (systolic) admission CSF--N CT scan head--could not be done 5 45, M Recovered 6 22, F Puerpural period 3rd Recovered gravida Baby died on 14th CSF-N day at residence CT scan head--N 7 18, F Primigravida Recovered CSF--Normal PMNS--Psychosis CT scan head--N Premature delivery Baby survived 8 28, F Gross hematuria Recovered BP <70 mm Hg systolic 9 25, F Secondgravida Recovered Pregnancy continued 10 50, M Recovered 11 18, F Skiagram chest-- Recovered pulmonary edema Underwent hemodialysis * All patients were fully conscious except patients 4, 6, and 7.
Outcome was defined as one of the following- Cure: complete lung expansion with minimum pleural thickening of < 2 cm in chest skiagram.
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia was diagnosed predominantly on clinical-presentation of progressive dyspnoea, tachypnoea disproportionate to chest skiagram findings, low oxygen saturation (<60%) in pulse oxymetry and/or chest radiological features ranging from normal to ground glass opacity and diffuse nodular appearance.
Every patient was evaluated with history, physical examination, blood biochemistry, haemogram, chest skiagram, intravenous urogram (IVU).