skid road

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skid row, skid road

In the United States, an area in a community characterized by cheap barrooms, saloons, and run-down hotels; usually a gathering place for derelicts, vagrants, and down-and-out alcoholics.
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The next morning, October 29, as Gene and I walked the skid road before light, I pointed out the scrape.
Sign indicated Hurley had been angling in from the NNW across the skid road, heading south to his bedding area.
Helicopter logging eliminates the need for building skid roads and thus impacts on the logging site and nearby water bodies are kept to minimum.
Due to environmental concerns, specifically the difficulty of building skid roads on the site, the USDA Forest Service chose helicopter extraction for this timber sale and used the sale of stumpage for upgrading existing roads on the site.
Provencher (2004) reported that primary skid roads and landings were 6.1 percent of harvested area with an average road width of 10.9 feet (3.3 m) in central West Virginia.
However, the loggers left an unexpected surprise--flat skid roads bladed down to bare soil.
To preserve aesthetics, ask your logger to remove unneeded slash piles and skid roads. The added work may cut into your profits, but it will make for a neater and more huntable site.
However, keep in mind that slash piles and skid roads can aid your hunting.
With this, and legendary profanity said to make the bark of adjoining fir trees sizzle into smoking wisps and fall to the ground, he steered his log train along the skid road. If all else failed, he might leap onto the back of the last animal in the hitch and walk the length of the team in his calk boots, howling like a banshee.
Effects of Skid Roads on Diameter, Height, and Volume Growth in Douglas-fir, Soil Science Society of America Journal, 45(3): 629-632.
When the project is over, the skid roads will be seeded in April with a conservation grass mix, and will be maintained as fire access roads into the future.