skid row

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skid row, skid road

In the United States, an area in a community characterized by cheap barrooms, saloons, and run-down hotels; usually a gathering place for derelicts, vagrants, and down-and-out alcoholics.

skid row

a run-down area frequented by alcoholics. [Am. Culture: Misc.]

Skid Row

district of down-and-outs and bums. [Am. Usage: Brewer Dictionary, 1008]
See: Failure
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Stuart builds upon earlier poverty studies in The United States' urban centres and previous examinations of Skid Row policing.
To date the foundation has served over 100,000 (an average of 250 per week) during their weekly outreach program held on Skid Row.
I was especially moved by his compassion for the military veterans of Los Angeles' Skid Row, the largest population of homeless vets in the country.
"Our community is traumatized," said General Jeff Page, known as the "mayor" of skid row.
''If the feds put out a warrant for this guy, shoot, there's no reason we'd suspect he's in Skid Row.''
About 200 protesters gathered on Tuesday at the site on skid row, a blighted mile-square area downtown inhabited by some 3,500 homeless people, where the man known by the nickname "Africa" was slain.
Out of the ICLC's offices on Skid Row, Malpecle held theater workshops for the area's homeless population, assembling a core of performers now known as the Los Angeles Poverty Department.
Alice Johnson (1988) in her review depicts five historical epochs of homelessness: Vagrants: Colonial Period, 1725-1864; Tramps: Post-Civil War Period, 1865-1900; Deviants: Progressive Era, 1900-1929; Victims: Depression Era, 1929-1944; and Deviant: Recent Skid Row Era, 1950-1979.
Now 14-year-old Lucy Charnock is in the lead role of Skid Row florists shop assistant Audrey, and the quality of her acting and singing suggests she, too, will realise her ambition to pursue a career in musical theatre.
The term 'Skid Row' has been used as metaphor for those down on their luck but it is an actual 10-block area in the city and has the US's densest population of homeless people.
On the last day of their tour, William and Kate visited an inner-city school in downtown LA's Skid Row area.