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A Scheme implementation with packages and other enhancements, by Alain Deutsch et al, France.
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Copying credit or debit card data (account numbers, PINs, expiration dates) during legitimate transactions in order to make unlawful ones later. In a restaurant, when waiters take the customer's card away to authorize the transaction, it is very easy to jot down the number or run the card through a reader.

Skimming Hardware
Skimming devices can be placed over card readers at ATMs and gas pump terminals. Casual users may not notice that the reader has an unusual shape or is larger than normal, which indicates a skimmer is being used. See EMV.

Pay-at-table Terminals
In Europe, wireless mobile terminals are widely used to authorize the card in front of the customer. However, they are not found in the U.S. because the machines are generally not set up for signatures. In addition, American diners may feel intimidated telling the waiter how much of a tip to include.
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"Are they roads yonder?" said Skim, sitting under the laurels.
Either that is the case or they empty the spring milkings into the mountain torrents and then skim the Rhine all summer."
You would think that you could walk dry under it to the opposite hills, and that the swallows which skim over might perch on it.
The day was fine and bright; the first skim of snow had fallen on Christmas Eve and made the world beautiful; the harbor was still open and glittering.
Snagsby standing at his shop-door looking up at the clouds sees a crow who is out late skim westward over the slice of sky belonging to Cook's Court.