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skin diving,

act of swimming freely underwater. It is done with the aid of a face mask, swimming fins for the feet, and either a snorkelsnorkel,
tube through which a submarine or diver can draw air while underwater. When in use, the top of the snorkel tube extends above the water surface into the air. The first snorkels were probably devised in ancient times out of the hollow reeds that are common to many lakes
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 breathing tube or scuba [acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus] gear. The fins increase the propulsion and agility of the swimmer. Skin diving is used in scientific, commercial, and military activities and in recent years has gained enormous popularity as a beach sport. Free underwater swimming is not new, and as long ago as the 8th cent. B.C. Greek divers, unconnected to the surface by air hoses or lines, collected sponges and mollusks in depths as great as 100 ft (30 m). The Greeks and Romans employed underwater warriors, trained to hold their breath for long periods of time, to sabotage enemy fleets. In the Pacific islands natives have long practiced skin diving and spear fishing. Many improvements in skin-diving equipment were made during World War II, and the so-called frogmen of the U.S. and British navies played a vital role in operations. An important development of this period was scuba diving with an Aqua-lung (see diving, deep-seadiving, deep-sea,
act of descending into deep water, generally with some form of breathing apparatus, and remaining there for an extended period. It is used in fishing for sponges, coral, and pearls; in work on the underwater parts of bridges, docks, and other structures; in
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). The scuba diver, with his greater mobility, has replaced in many areas of underwater activity the conventional sea diver who is encumbered by heavy equipment and limited by a lifeline and air hose. However, it is dangerous for a scuba diver to work below a 130-ft (40-m) depth, and although free dives have been made to more than 300 ft (91 m), conventional dress and equipment are generally used for deep descents.


See J. Strykowski, Diving for Fun (3d ed. 1971); H. Hass, Challenging the Deep (tr. 1973).

skin diving

[′skin ‚dīv·iŋ]
Diving without breathing apparatus, using fins and faceplate only.

skin diving

the sport or activity of diving and underwater swimming without wearing a diver's costume
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Chris, an experienced skin diver, said after landing the big fish: "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw its size.
Howard Benedict / Special to the Daily News (2) Skin diver and spear fisherman Terry Maas, who lives in Ventura, indulges his passion for the sport as many as 40 times a year.
Each summer, plankton and swarms of tiny shrimp lure the giant filter feeders to linger near the surface - well within range of most skin divers and snorkelers," it said.
Inkhaus' piercer has also undergone a great deal of training and is experienced in body piercing, skin divers and microdermals.
Black-lipped pearl oysters are still found by skin divers off the intriguingly named Mogo Mogo and Casayeta.
The band are also set to work with the Arctic Monkeys, who are due to remix their new single Skin Divers, and with producer Mark Ronson in the summer.
But one day, on a clear day in the distant future two skin divers, a boy and a girl, two beautiful lovers in the shallow water, will discover you and me again with their brand new bodies and retrieve us from this forgotten wreck.
Timbaland's famous staccato beats on his collaborations with the band on Nite-Runner, Skin Divers and Zoom In give the band the same edge that Nelly Furtado or Gwen Stefani are now enjoying.
The award-winning writer will be reading from The Weight of Oranges, Miner's Pond and Skin Divers from 7.
In Skin Divers, Michaels's new collection of verse, the presence of natural history, geology, and the new physics is still very much in evidence.
Chocolate lobsters: Some 500 scuba divers and skin divers will explore the ocean bottom in search of a ``rare'' species of lobster Saturday at the second annual Cabrillo Chocolate Lobster Dive off Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro.
The blubber acts as insulation against the cold, just as rubber suits protect skin divers from chilly waters.