skin drying

skin drying, surface drying

The rapid drying of the surface of a paint film while the paint between it and the substrate remains wet.
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In nearly all cases, chapping is preceded by the skin drying out due to exposure to cold air or to hot, dry air.
Because winter months are skin drying months, it's important to drink plenty of water which helps hydrate the skin.
Use body or hand lotion and lip balms to prevent your skin drying out.
23) which uses rose and essential oils to prevent skin drying out.
The butter contains Grapeseed oil which hydrates and reinforces skin barriers to stop skin drying out.
The cold, dry air and chilling winds in many parts of the nation result in skin drying out in and the use of acne products that are formulated with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or alpha and beta hydroxy acids tend to dry out skin even further.
Purell, Dial and other companies sell water-less hand gels that contain 60% to 70% alcohol plus moisturizers to minimize skin drying.
Though skin drying does increase with age, there are residents who have relatively oily skin and are in less need of this type of attention.
The new product does not cause the severe skin drying that is often associated with the use of Retin-A.