skirting board

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baseboard, mopboard, scrubboard, skirting board, washboard

A flat projection from an interior wall or partition at the floor, covering the joint between the floor and wall and protecting the wall from kicking, mopping, etc. It may be plain or molded; a base, 4.
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There were further areas of staining closer to the level of the windows which, Mr Hoade said, "indicate she was assaulted while she was upright at the back of the room because they are higher than the ones at the skirting board".
Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time to tackle DIY projects and we've pulled together a bit of a step-by-step guide on fitting skirting boards - a project that may well take up the majority of your weekend, depending on how many rooms you have to do.
While the simplest method of securing skirting boards may be hammering in nails, a much neater result can be achieved using screws and wallplugs.
? Teddy with the note he found behind the skirting board and (inset) the message to 'future people'
Brush in towards the skirting board when painting over the masking tape to help prevent the paint bleeding underneath the tape.
Morgan disposed of the items he had used and painted over the holes in the skirting board.
I think my dream of winning the World Skirting Board Putter-Onner Championships (official competition, honest) is looking more and more unlikely now though.
A The chances are the skirtings have been glued to the plasterboard, Knock a pry bar behind the skirting board then place a thin strip of wood behind the bar to protect the wall.
The answer, if it runs underneath the skirting board, is to remove the skirting board so you can access it.
Teressa, 29, said: "I came down one morning and found she'd hidden a huge piece of skirting board in the cage with my two guinea pigs.
Replace an existing skirting board with a simple shallow design or remove altogether.
Well, don't waste your time confronting him over it, just don't go and stay with him again and if he wants to know the reason why, say it's in case you're asked to wash his car or paint his skirting board, you know, as a thank you!