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The skit showed a puppet version of Walid Jumblatt singing a song about the politician's decision to stand down in this year's upcoming parliamentary elections in favor of his son, Taymour.
The skit highlighted the relationship between China, depicting a high-speed railway that was recently built in Kenya.
PERCEPTIONMs Stella Adhiambo Agara, an international relations student at the Atlantic International University, told the Nation that the depictions in the skit itself should make Kenyans think about how the Chinese perceive them.
Spend a few minutes practicing your skit with your group members.
Leonor Leni Robredo turned out to be the most viral skits, garnering 635,000 views, 2,400 comments, 11,800 likes, and 15,500 shares.
ISLAMABAD -- Iqra University Islamabad Campus would organize skits competition among students of primary to intermediate or O/A level on Saturday.
A skit called Movement on a Chess Board was especially awe-inspiring, as the acrobats shimmied up and down poles using the soles of their feet and hands, often jumping from pole to pole, doing pirouettes in the air while jumping back and forth and generally causing the audience to freeze in fear and then erupt in applause when they execute the manoeuvre.
Washington, December 23 ( ANI ): Saturday Night Live show has made fun of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with their 'Wake Up With Kimye' skit.
In the skit, the popular actor reprises his role as mustached hero Ron Burgundy and purposely mispronounces the Taoiseach's name.
The book includes skit scripts from live TV and recollections of local culture that would otherwise be lost.
The two high schoolers were acting out a skit Wednesday that they wrote with about a dozen other black students at Lane Community College's African-American Rites of Passage Academy.
Live from New York: Saturday Night Live did a skit last week satirizing Iran's plan to do a film to counter "Argo" and tell the truth about the hostage crisis.