skunk cabbage

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skunk cabbage:

see arumarum,
common name for the Araceae, a plant family mainly composed of species of herbaceous terrestrial and epiphytic plants found in moist to wet habitats of the tropics and subtropics; some are native to temperate zones.
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Skunk Cabbage has one of the foulest odours associated with any plant, and yet is so effective as a pollinator, botanists claim to have witnessed amphibians climbing into the spathe.
"I loved the oak trees and the skunk cabbage," Katra said.
It is seen that the occurrence of cyclopia type malformations also induce by ingestion of some alkaloid containing plant, like Veratrum californicum which has common name as skunk cabbage, western helibore, palls helibore and wild corn.
"You've discovered skunk cabbage. The purple part is called the spathe.
Skunk cabbage was emerging, a great opportunity to demonstrate how to engage visitors through their own senses, as well as how to take advantage of a natural interpretive opportunity.
Beyond the true Arums, there is a huge range of plants from the Arum family for you to search out, including the Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum; the mouse plant, Arisarum proboscideum with its strange long-tailed spathes; the Arisaema's that have become so popular for collectors over recent years; the bog Arum, Calla pallustris; the Yellow Skunk Cabbage, Lysichiton americanus with its distinctive musky smell and the Flamingo Flower, Anthurium andraeanum.
Skunk cabbage's early wine-colored buds peer out of wetlands, while red peony shoots pop up out of the ground in cultivated flower beds.
Hillsides that grow the spring's first lush grasses, as well as favorite plants, like skunk cabbage, following winter snows are great places to search for bears.
Mosquitoes sang in our ears and flew close to my eyes; the boys picked leaves of skunk cabbage to wave them away.
A small plant resembling skunk cabbage grew where an elk would have to stop to give me a shot, and I ranged that plant at 26 yards.
The eastern skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) in North America and Asia also keeps warm, independent of air temperature, Roger Knutson reported in 1974.
And take it from a specialist aquatic centre, not some forgotten corner of a sprawling garden centre manned by someone who wouldn't know a pink sensation from a yellow skunk cabbage.