slab door

flush door

A smooth-surfaced door having faces which are plane and which conceal its rails and stiles or other structure.
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First you need to understand the difference between a slab door, which is just the door, and a pre-hung door, which includes both the door and the frame that supports it.
The Loft features cabinets with a natural Thermofoil slab door, finished to look like maple.
Repair a hole or gouge in a slab door with auto-body filler.
Slab doors are grain matched so the woodgrain flows smoothly across the front of the cabinet.
Jeff Smith, facilities maintenance supervisor, needed to replace failing vertical rise freezer slab doors that had heating strips embedded into the panels.
You're going to see fewer mouldings and panelled cabinet doors and more simplicity, like slab doors and eco-friendly materials such as FSC cabinetry.
Be adventurous and go for a high-gloss finish; slab doors and worktops are available in a number of colours and modern shapes, so mix and match, or, just keep it classic with cool white.
Combine the warm wood grain finished slab doors and a contrasting black worktop, with sleek lines of straight bar handles matched with a slate floor, and this kitchen delivers contemporary cool.
Oak looks great whatever size or space you have, and customers won't believe that the beautiful Italian-made IT Oak Slab doors are only pounds 15 each, and a typical eight unit kitchen will be available for only pounds 918 this autumn.
European-style slab doors with long, sleek silver handles were the newest cabinet trend shown April 1 to 4 at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show and Conference in Chicago.