slab floor

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reinforced concrete, beton armé, ferroconcrete, steel concrete

Concrete containing reinforcement designed on the assumption that the concrete and reinforcement act together in resisting forces.
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Unit 9 was built with a 4-inch concrete slab floor with all other factors equal to control unit 1.
One set was for a slab floor with insulation, as shown in Figure 2 (Insulation Case 1), and the other set was for the slab floor shown in Figure 2 but without insulation (Insulation Case 2).
The slab floor and finished exterior grading are level, resulting in barrier free entrances.
You should think twice about placing carpeting on a slab floor, if indoor air quality is important to you.
The main staircase hall is another magnificent space with a limestone slab floor, laid diagonally and containing the superb, cantilevered staircase with limestone treads, iron scrollwork balustrade and mahogany handrail.
An untraditional room in a traditionallooking house is part of a solar heating system that turns the room's slab floor and the house's crawl space into places to store and distribute heat.
It has six-foot thick walls, a slate slab floor, vaulted ceiling and other original fea-tures include a large pot boiler, reputedly used as a brew tank during Cromwell's time.
Stone tiles cover the addition's concrete slab floor.
The spring is surrounded by a slab floor with stone benches around the sides.
The chapel, which is inthe groundsof The York, a former pub in Main Street, Pembroke, has an impressive vaulted ceiling, six-foot thick walls, a slate slab floor and other original features which include a large pot boiler which, it is said, was used as a brew tank during Oliver Cromwell's time.
Built like a miniature house, the squat room has its own slab floor, stud walls, and an almost flat, hot-mopped roof.
The main house has a drawing room, library, dining room with French windows leading to the garden, a large modern fitted kitchen/breakfast room with a slate slab floor and an Aga, a large cellar, and a walk-in larder with a cold slab, slate sink and slate slab floor.