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see libel and slanderlibel and slander,
in law, types of defamation. In common law, written defamation was libel and spoken defamation was slander. Today, however, there are no such clear definitions.
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See also Gossip.
Slaughter (See MASSACRE.)
calumniating, niggardly bigot. [Fr. Lit.: Barber of Seville; Marriage of Figaro]
Blatant Beast
monster with 100 tongues; calumnious voice of world. [Br. Lit.: Faerie Queene]
Candour, Mrs.
the most energetic calumniator. [Br. Lit.: School for Scandal]
cobaea vine
symbol of slander. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 173]
symbol of slander. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 174]
malignant Venetian commander; slanders Cassio to Othello. [Br. Lit.: Othello]
Kay, Sir
ill-mannered, mean-spirited, but above all, scurrilous. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur; Idylls of the King]
made leprous for maligning Moses’s marriage to Cushite. [O.T.: Numbers 12:9–10]
vilifies David, implying he stole Saul’s throne. [O.T.: II Samuel 16:7–8]
dedicated to denigrating his betters. [Gk. Lit.: Iliad; Br. Lit.: Troilus and Cressida]
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a. defamation in some transient form, as by spoken words, gestures, etc.
b. a slanderous statement, etc.
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A very similar statement is made by Gearing in his 1663 treatise: "slandering makes a man more like the Devil then any other sin doth," referring also to the word "diabolus" (109).
Knox was charged with slandering police after accusing officers of beating her during the original investigation.
Rabbi Lichtenstein, 49,an American-born father of eight,of Cricklewood,north west London, who is the senior judge in the Beth Din,or rabbinical court,of the Federation of Synagogues,hotly disputes slandering Mr Maccaba within the orthodox community in early 2001.
The businessman, who called the claim ridiculous, is suing senior rabbi Dayan Yaakov Lichtenstein for allegedly slandering him as an adulterer.
A 1909 state law makes it a misdemeanor to injure a woman's reputation by slandering her virtue or chastity.
(4) It would be hard to imagine that slandering a business would be within an employee's scope of employment.
Furthermore, the law does nothing to end the practice of jailing journalists without due process on charges of slandering government officials.
McLeod upheld his paper's "right" to take potshots at religion by declaring that "there are as many hypocrites in organized religion today as there were when Jesus walked the earth"--thereby slandering not only millions of living believers, but countless devout Jews who are 2000 years dead and helpless to defend themselves.
'In the fixation with gaining positions in the party, then discuss your own affairs and refrain from slandering other parties' leaders,' he said in a statement.